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The 38 Degrees Petition

Tomorrow, four Defend our NHS Campaigners from York will head over to Julian Sturdy’s (MP for York Outer) surgery over in Dunnington to present him with the 200,000+ signature petition that was run by 38 Degrees. The 38 Degrees NHS … Continue reading

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Rapid progress of petition

People have been queing up at the Parliament Street stall to sign the petition. I’ve never seen a campaign generate so much public interest so quickly. The Press ran a story on our campaign (see: ‘1,000 Sign NHS Petition in … Continue reading

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News roundup, post Lib Dem and BMA conference

David Cameron has privately told MPs there will be ‘no retreat’ from the NHS plans, according to the Telegraph. This is after the Liberal Democrat Spring conference voted for two motions which severely limit their possible support for the bill; … Continue reading

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Andrew Lansley Rap

A clear and succinct account of the policy situation.

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Lansley’s ‘dodgy dossiers’

The Guardian reports that the Conservative Health Secretary is sitting on polling data showing record levels of satisfaction with the NHS, for fear that it will undermine the case for eviscerating (surely ‘reforming’? -ed.) it. See: ‘Andrew Lansley accused of … Continue reading

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GPs under the new reforms: in it for the cash?

Channel 4 has an insightful video about the rules (or rather lack of) that would allow GPs and business people to make a lot of money through commissioning healthcare. Picture this. Your local GP also has shares in a private … Continue reading

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The NHS: Proud Past, Uncertain Future

In 1953 I became a student nurse at the Royal West Sussex Hospital, in Chichester. The National Health Service had been founded in 1948. Before that time, people who wanted treatment usually had to pay for it and for any … Continue reading

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