Rapid progress of petition

People have been queing up at the Parliament Street stall to sign the petition. I’ve never seen a campaign generate so much public interest so quickly. The Press ran a story on our campaign (see: ‘1,000 Sign NHS Petition in York‘).

Hugh Bayley MP came to the stall, along with Press journalists, and gave the following statement:

The number of signatures shows that people are very worried about the future of the NHS.
The coalition government health reforms haven’t been tried and tested.
They look bureaucratic and could lead to privatisation and less accountable services.

Mr Bayley, reports the Press, then said the reforms should be put on hold until there had been consensus on what was best for the NHS.


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One Response to Rapid progress of petition

  1. Nicola says:

    Hugh Bayley has changed his tune. I wrote to him back in summer 2010 when the NHS white paper came out and asked him what he was going to do about it. At that time, he agreed with the government and brushed me off. thanks a bunch Hugh.

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