Defend Our NHS York public campaign Tuesday 30th May St Helens Square, York from 1pm to 4pm

Defend Our National Health Service York are holding a public campaign on Tuesday 30th May in St Helens Square, York from 1pm to 4pm to promote their election manifesto

Speakers will include Labour Parliamentary Candidate and former NHS clinician Rachael Maskell, along with John Puntis a paediatrician from Leeds and member of Keep Our NHS Public

The restoration of the National Health Service as the jewel in the crown of British public service should be a key promise, and a promise that must be kept, by whoever wins this election. Over the last seven years it has been radically underfunded and the Health & Social Care Act 2012, brought in by the Coalition government, has wasted billions of pounds and made it incredibly unstable.

Politicians tell us the NHS is safe: that it will remain ‘free at the point of delivery’. But the ‘point of delivery’ has been shrinking for some years shrinking.

The NHS is a central element of a compassionate welfare and public service system caring for all. We could afford it in 1948, when the country was blitzed and bankrupt so we should be able to afford it now!

We are therefore asking that before people vote they listen to the arguments that should encourage them to vote for a ‘strong and stable’ NHS.


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