The Planned Closure of Archways Intermediate Care Unit, York

At the meeting of Defend Our NHS York on the 18th August those present were appalled by the action of the Vale of York CCG and the York Teaching Hospital NHS Trust to declare the future closure of Archways, when there are clearly not enough community staff available to provide the necessary level of cover for those patients who whilst fit enough to leave hospital are not ready to look after themselves at home.

To state that patients will be more mobile at home is a ‘con’, when staying in Archways is hardly about lying about in bed when patients are encourage to mobilise, something they are less likely to do without the constant professional attention the NHS cannot afford to provide them at their homes. If this is also about saving the rent on the building (to who? CoYC?), there also needs to be serious thought about how social care is manged between the Council and the NHS.

The NHS management in York need to think seriously about this.

The last closure in York, of Bootham Park Hospital, caused untold distress to service users, and has still not been resolved satisfactorily.

“Bed blocking” or the less pejorative term “delayed discharging” can be the only result of this action…


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3 Responses to The Planned Closure of Archways Intermediate Care Unit, York

  1. Joan O'Reilly says:

    What will happen to my brother in law who is a resident at the moment. His Mother my Lovely Mother in Law was in the past also a resident in Archways made her life bearable by the specialist care she recieved at Archways before moving on to an appropriate nursing home that could accommodater her needs sadly now passed away
    I am a semi retired nurse appalled by what’s happening. Please listen it might affect any one of you or your family members.

  2. Dawn knott says:

    My mother spent a few weeks in there after a fall and couldn’t speak highly enough of the care she received. She simply would not have coped at home on her own in the weeks following the fall and she told friends and relatives for years afterwards about her time spent in “that little hospital”. She is no longer with us but if she was I would be extremely worried if she had to fend for herself at home with only brief visits by careers twice a day. York council need to think of their own elderly relatives and how they would cope.

  3. Rachael Maskell MP has asked us to make people aware of the meeting which is taking place at Friends Meeting House in York on Wednesday, 31 August about the closure of Archways. The meeting is at 7pm. If you need any information about this please get in touch with the office on 01904 623713. Rachael is chairing the meeting and she is organising some speakers. The meeting title is “The future of Archways”.

    A press release will be issued but it would be helpful if you could spread the word. Everyone is welcome.

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