Get your Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to Pledge for the NHS

In the run up to the General Election in May 2015 we need all potential Members of Parliament (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate or PPC) to promise to save our National Health Service (NHS). It’s possible they will break the promises just as David Cameron did on the NHS and Clegg did on Student Loans, but we can then hold them all accountable.

What should we ask?

That they oppose

•     Closure of Local GP Surgeries as a result of government funding cuts.

•     Selling off our NHS through the Health and Social Care Act 2012

•     Our NHS being part of the US-EU trade deal TTIP (Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership)

That they support

•     The NHS providing services not private, profit making companies

And if elected they will

Write publicly to the Prime Minister demanding that he:

•     Protects our Local GP Surgeries

•     Scraps the Health and Social Care Act

•     Uses his veto to protect our NHS from TTIP

Ask all your PPC’s at any meetings, hustings or via letter or email. If you are in the York area (York Central, York Outer, Selby or Ryedale) do let us know their responses and we can publicize them.

Aneurin Bevan quotation

Aneurin Bevan quotation


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