Health campaigners call on Julian Sturdy MP to act over NHS sale

Health campaigners from York Outer will deliver almost 800 letters urging Julian Sturdy MP to call on David Cameron to use his veto in Europe to protect the NHS from the dangerous EU-US trade deal TTIP.

Rows of houses in streets across York Outer have already staged protests by raising estate agency style signs outside their homes calling for Cameron & Hunt Estate Agents to stop the sale. The collective action is part of an ongoing nationwide movement by the People’s NHS across hundreds of neighbourhoods in England, Scotland and Wales.

The letters being delivered on Friday also call on Julian Sturdy to urge David Cameron to scrap the Health and Social Care Act which has led to the mass sell-off of key NHS services.

The UK’s entire health system is now up for sale because of the coalition government’s Health and Social Care Act. Since 2012 almost 70 per cent of NHS contracts put up for sale have gone to the private sector.

The Tories won’t stop there, they want to make the sell-off irreversible through a trade deal called TTIP. But David Cameron did not tell us this sell-off was being planned when he was out campaigning during the 2010 general election campaign.

Julian Sturdy MP has so far ignored his constituent’s concerns instead of putting pressure on Cameron to use his veto to exclude the NHS from TTIP.

Anne Leonard, Defend Our NHS York responded: “Instead of ignoring his constituents Julian Sturdy should be calling on David Cameron to veto the NHS out of TTIP. The Tories have opened up the NHS and they are selling it off to the  private sector, so to say our NHS is not being sold off is totally irresponsible.  Plus the government’s trade minister, Lord Livingston has confirmed that the NHS is part of TTIP.

Defend Our NHS York along with York Outer residents expect Sturdy to urge Cameron to take health out of this damaging trade deal once and for all.


Where: Julian Sturdy MP’s surgery at Huntington Memorial Hall, Strensall Road, YO32 9SH

When: Friday 19 December at 5pm-5.30pm



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