Is the National Health Service Really Safe From the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership?

Following a campaign in Julian Sturdy MP’s Outer York constituency against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and its possible effect upon the National Health Service, Julian Sturdy reports in The Press that the NHS is quite safe.

Clearly someone hear is being economic with the truth about the NHS that the ConDem government has quietly be dismantling since it came into power from the Health & Social Care Act in 2012 to the ongoing secretive negotiations about TTIP.

People might care to make up their own minds but there is little documented by the Government apart from this statement in November 2014 against the campaign

Government statement against Peoples’ NHS campaign

Whilst Keep Our NHS Public among a host of campaigners, including War on Want, World Development Movement and the Green Party, against TTIP have issued some briefing papers:

Briefing Paper: Can the NHS be made exempt from TTIP?

Briefing Paper: The questionable economic gains from TTIP

When we’ve seen government ministers and their friends make loads of money from the privatization of public services, including the NHS, who are you going to believe?

Cameron & Hunt - stop the sale

Cameron & Hunt – stop the sale


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