Residents in York shout out ‘Don’t sell our NHS’

Driving around parts of Julian Sturdy MP’s York Outer constituency one can’t be but amazed by the dozens of ‘For Sale’ boards reminding their MP that they care about the National Health Service (NHS) and do not want it sold off as part of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) being negotiated in secret between the European Union and United States.

As a change from houses creating CO2 like its going out of fashion with their Christmas lights these residents and their path-side boards make a salutary reminder to York Outer that there is an election approaching in May 2015 and the NHS will be a  key factor for voters.

A press call was initiated and residents and members of Defend Our NHS York explained their concerns to the media in and around York.

NHS not for sale

NHS not for sale


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