York Households demand Cameron uses veto to stop irreversible privatisation of NHS to US

Hundreds of households across York will take a collective stand against the irreversible sell-off of their health services to America by raising Cameron & Hunt Estate Agency boards with the clear message to veto the NHS from the EU US trade deal called TTIP.

The collective action is the continuation of a growing nationwide movement by the People’s NHS across thousands of households throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Rows of houses in streets across Rawcliffe & Skelton, York will have estate agency style signs outside calling for Cameron & Hunt Estate Agents to stop the sale.

The UK’s entire health system is now up for sale because of the coalition government’s Health and Social Care Act. Since 2012 almost 70 per cent of NHS contracts put up for sale have gone to the private sector.

The Tories won’t stop there, they want to make the sell-off irreversible through a trade deal called TTIP. But David Cameron did not tell us this sell-off was being planned when he was out campaigning during the 2010 general election campaign.

The action is a strong message to Julian Sturdy MP for York Outer that his constituents oppose the Tory agenda to hand our NHS to the profit driven companies.

Alf Tinsley, resident of Skelton, York Outer said: “The people of Skelton are demanding David Cameron uses his veto to get the NHS out of TTIP. They are appalled that our NHS could be irreversibly sold-off to US corporations . Hundreds of households are sending a clear message by raising ‘stop the sale signs’. We are also urging our MP Julian Sturdy to pressure David Cameron to take health out of the dangerous trade deal called TTIP.”

The deal, known as TTIP, is being negotiated behind the closed doors, between the EU and the United States. It’s the biggest bilateral trade deal ever negotiated and threatens to make the sell-off of the NHS irreversible by giving the profits of corporations precedence over national lawmakers. TTIP could give US multinationals, or any firm with American investors, new rights to sue the UK government if it ever tried to take privatised health services back into public hands.


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