Write to Your Elected Representatives to Find Where They Stand on the NHS and TTIP

Over the last few years we have been writing to MP’s and MEP’s to discover their views on keeping the NHS public and preventing forced privatization through TTIP. As we approach the General Election in 2015 it is even more important to focus the thoughts of those that are supposed to represent us on those issues that closely affect our daily lives like the National Health Service.

There’s already a template letter on the York Peoples’ Assembly TTIP page that people are free to tune to their specific interests, but we’re now providing some words on the NHS and specific areas of TTIP that are concerning people in the UK and Europe.

Template Letter to MEP re ISDS TTIP + CETA

Template letter to MEP re TTIP

Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) advice and template letters

You don’t have to use a stamp if you have email – paste the letter into one and use Write To Them to deliver it to all your representatives!

…and don’t forget with the General Election coming on May 7 2015 ask the same questions of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates.



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