TTIP Day of Action in York 12 July 2014

On 12 July 2014 members of the York Defend our NHS group will be working with other colleagues from a wide range of organizations such World Development Movement and Friends of the Earth to demand an end to the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). This will be one of many local actions in the UK.

We have described the potential disastrous effect upon the National Health Service that TTIP will have, but the repercussions will be much broader and deeper across the planet, hence the variety of organizations that are concerned.

The Action in York, with a theme of ‘fat cats and their puppets’ takes place on Saturday 12 July between 12 midday and 3 pm in Kings Square, in the centre of York. To discuss TTIP, the coalition governments privatisation of the NHS, and the many attacks upon the British welfare state by global capital, please come and join us!

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One Response to TTIP Day of Action in York 12 July 2014

  1. John Yates says:

    If you want to harness public opinion and make them more aware of how the NHS is being ” attacked” , keep it simple!
    Democracy requires knowledge and this is a difficult topic to get over to the public at large unless you are already personally involved.

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