London March Against Austerity

York Says 3A good-sized contingent from York Defend Our NHS joined colleagues from across the UK on the March Against Austerity in London on Saturday 21 June. All around us were people we knew from Leeds and Darlington, and elsewhere in the region, as  well as nationally, so a spirit of healthy protest was generated. Marching from Broadcasting House to Parliament Square, where some short and snappy but profound speeches were made by a range of people from the CareUK strikers to Russell Brand. The noticeable lack of media coverage about the event was probably enhanced by the fact that,  as with the march in Manchester last year, despite having 50,000 angry people gathered together, there was no physical violence, although a large quantity of vehemence was generated against the coalition government, and their mouthpiece the BBC. Well done, and thanks to all those who gathered together and in the words of the song Leon Rosselson sang in Parliament Square “This earth divided, we will make whole, so it will be a common treasury for all”!

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