Another Step Nearer Destruction of the NHS

The following letter, authored by a member of Defend our NHS York, was published this week in The Guardian Newspaper, along with a number of other letters under the above title.   The letter was also published by The York Press.

While the EU election candidates are very quiet on the topic of the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) and the current incumbents mystified or in denial, those concerned with preserving the NHS would like to know their stance on this highly secret deal that would “harmonise” US and EU regulations, lowering health and safety standards for one thing, but also permitting the already harmonised NHS to be sold to the highest US bidders.

We must ensure that workers’ rights and health professionals’ training and qualifications are kept at EU standards, and primarily that the NHS is exempted from all aspects of TTIP. We need to know that EU candidates will do this before voting for them or their respective parties.
Dr Mick Phythian

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