The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and why we all need to fight it!

TTIP meetingLinda Kaucher, an expert on trade agreements, came to York on May Day to speak to a public meeting organised jointly organised by Defend Our NHS York and Leeds Keep Our NHS Public with over forty attendees from across the region.

Some key points made by Linda were that:

  • The treaty is secret until completed
  • Predictions for ‘growth’ are spin – any growth will be minimal
  • It is to get rid of ‘trade irritants’ such as health and safety regulation
  • The NHS was ‘liberalised’ by the Health & Social Care Act, the treaty makes that irreversible. One can’t reverse privatisations under the treaty
  • Our MEP’s in the European Parliament can only vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’
  • It is the financial services like banks, insurance and multinational accountancy that are behind this – through the City of London Corporation

Currently in the EU only the Greens and minority left parties are opposing

We need to:

  • Call for the exemption of the NHS from the treaty
  • Demand renegotiation of the Private Finance Initiative which has gained the finance houses (those behind the treaty) vast profits

We must oppose it by:

  • Respond negatively to EU consultation on ISDS, question 13 at least
  • Harangue the Labour Party – not hearing from the ‘leadership’
  • Do what we can to get John Healey MP for Wath & Dearne out of Parliament – he chairs the UK Parliamentary group supporting it
  • Advise the MEP’s that the supposed gains from the treaty are negligible, particularly compared to the losses
  • Write to the BBC Business Unit – they are ignoring the issues and are biased
  • Spread the message
  • Ask organisations to endorse stopping TTIP

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