Stop multinationals getting their claws into our NHS

Multinational corporations are coming for our health service and they could be helped by a new trade treaty:

The Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP)

kittyOnce these fat cats get their claws into our NHS, they will simply tear it apart.

Furthur information available What is TTIP, TTIP Information and KNOP Position Paper.

Linda Kauchuer, an expert on International Trade and Law, is coming to York on 1st May, 7- 9 pm to explain and lead a discussion TTIP and the negative impact it will have on our NHS.  The meeting venue is The Main Hall, Friends Meeting House, Friargate, York YO1 9RL

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    Join us in York on 1st May in conversation with Linda Kaucher to find out how TTIP affects you !

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