Lobby a Lord!

This weekend, I am asking if you could spend a couple of minutes, to email a Lib Dem Peer and ask them to support Lord Owen’s motion (using this really quick link here.) Peers are not used to lots of emails/letters in the same way as MPs so it should have more impact! 

We have a day and a half to try and persuade Peers to support Lord Owen’s motion. The motion would delay voting on the Health and Social Care Bill until the Risk Register has been published. How can the Bill be passed when we don’t know scale or nature of the huge risks that will be taken?? There is a legal requirement for the government to publish the Risk Register. They still have not done so. 

If you need reminding of why the NHS needs our help here is a quick reminder of what the changes will do – the Bill will give more power to GPs to commission health care with a massive increase in the use of profit-driven companies and with a huge reduction (if any) accountability to government.

In effect, in the most straightforward terms, this will:

Reduce the amount of time GPs will spend on their actual jobs – 2/3rds of doctors think this Bill will make the NHS worse.

Create more bureaucracy in the NHS

Create a huge financial burden on tax payers at a time when the country faces an austerity crisis

Create a ‘post-code lottery’. There will be a huge increase in the differences between regions as to what you are able to get free at the point of use and what you have to pay for. The government will not be our accountable body for us to challenge the inconsistencies.

It could result in private patients jumping the queue to get treatment.

It will lead to profit being central to our health care, not the patient. It will not improve the quality of care.

This is the wrong Bill, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons.

It is based on a lack of information and misinformation.

Please email a Peer, express your concerns and ask them to vote for Lord Owen’s motion.

Please also sign your name in this petition asking for a referendum on the NHS. No-one voted for this. It was not in any manifestos, in fact the very opposite, protection of the NHS was promised by this government. There is no mandate for this destructive and dangerous Bill that will dismantle our NHS.

Please email a Peer this weekend!

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