The shape of things to come…

From yesterday’s local and national news emerged the shocking story that the Haxby and Wiggington practice in York had written to its patients claiming that a range of minor treatments were no longer funded by the NHS and instead were being offered for a fee. The private options they offered included HBG Ltd., a company that is wholly owned by the practice.

This is indicative of what is to come from the Health and Social Care Bill, with GPs potentially making profit from some services, services being lost to private companies due to the cutbacks in the National Health Service, and an increasingly blurry line between private and public health care.

John Appleby, chief economist of the King’s Fund says ‘there is is a massive conflict of interest here. The GP is earning money potentially from referring the NHS patient to his own private practice.” This is exactly what the consequences of the Health and Social Care Bill will be.

Hopefully this news, as much as it shows how bad things have really got, has done all those who love and want to maintain a national health service free for all at point of use, a great favour. By bringing the issues and problems association with the Bill into the public domain. For debate, discussion and dispute from the public, professionals and politicians. 

On the evening of Friday 11th November there will be a public meeting in York for discussion and debate about the changes to the NHS, what this could mean for York and how we can stop the Health and Social Care Bill. Where better to engage with people about the issues and the actions we can take than York? The place that has caught media attention in an unprecedented move towards the privatisation of our health service.

Watch this space…

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2 Responses to The shape of things to come…

  1. Chris brace says:

    Yes, the Haxby and Wiggington practice have rather jumped the gun haven’t they! I suspect the sponsor of the Health and Social Care Bill would rather they had waited until after it was enacted. The GP practice has acted contrary to the principles of public life and against British Medical Association guidance, they have given their patients misleading information concerning the availability of certain treatments and stand to profit from their actions.

    Coupled with the Home Secretary’s cynical misrepresentation of the European Convention on Human Rights, this attack on a publicly funded, comprehensive health service suggests that the government is determined to rob its citizens of much that is vital to our civilisation following the horrors of the first half of the last century.

    It ought to be clear enough by now, that the proposals outlined in the Health and Social Care Bill represent more that just a tweaking of the arrangements for funding and provision. The enactment of this Bill, as it stands, will put at risk a health service so valued by the people of England and so respected by other nations.

  2. I’ve been working with various people to figure out how a protest might work, and the emerging consensus has been Wednesday 12th, 6 to 7pm outside the Haxby and Wigginton Health Centre. York Stop the Cuts will also be promoting this. Posters shall be appearing in Haxby shops from tomorrow.

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