March in York!!

So the Government have ‘paused’ and started to listen, the Lib Dems got a kicking at the polls so Nick Clegg is going to go all out to change the NHS reforms, and Andrew Lansley is being more and more sidelined.

The campaigning across the country is working! Thanks to all those people out on the streets, writing emails, signing petitions, visiting MPs, organising locally, creating wacky websites, and rapping, we may be seeing a glimmer of hope of a U-turn.

Realistic? Maybe.

Hopeful? Definitely.

We know we have to keep up the pressure, and here in York (like our friends in Leeds), we’re ramping up the temperature a bit.

We are planning a march on Saturday 21st May to support the NHS and to defend it from the Tory plans for reform.

Assemble at Clarence Gardens, opposite York Hospital on Wigginton Road at 12 noon on Saturday 21st May. We’ll march from there to the fountains on Parliament Street where we will have a rally at 1pm, including our ‘headlining act’, Baroness Afshar, a member of the House of Lords and professor of politics and women’s studies at the university.

Sign up to the event and march with us, and make your voice heard whilst they still claim to be listening!!


About James Chan

I am the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for The Green Party in the St Helens South and Whiston constituency. I grew up locally, before moving to Leeds in 2004 to study, and now work as an A&E doctor. I currently live in Eccleston, St Helens.
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